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This is a blog dedicated to the beautiful Jordan Craig aka Jordy C. She's inspired me so much, with her positive and dream chasing atittidue.

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Anonymous asked:
How do you know he's talking about her

I don’t know for sure, but the lyrics kind of tell a story, a couple who had it all traveled together, an he says that she lost it all and now hes with his new “bitch” and I know that she was his most recent ex, and I do know their history together, so it makes sense to me.. Plus the old song “I still got it for you” feat. Drake was about her.. basically him admitting to still love her even after they broke up.. so him still being in love and mentioning his past relationship with her, is not far out of the question.. I wasnt assuming anything but everyone brought it to my attention and it makes sense.. hope you didnt think I was coming off rude, not at all! but hope I cleared that up we are all just putting two and two together, no one knows for sure I suppose (:

Anonymous asked:
im glad you didnt stop running this blog when they broke up, some blogs just be a phase. glad your still alive lol

Lol of course not, I actually made this after they broke up, she just really inspires me, I just really wanted to show her support (: and thank you

Anonymous asked:
i know i was like dude why are you mentioning her, don't you got you a family now lol but it was cute i guess lol

Yes, I was thinking the same thing lol but you know, I don’t want to sound rude, but maybe he still loves her, but is just trying to make his family work out… but who knows lol

Anonymous asked:
Do you know any fanfics that feature Jordy ?

Poetic-Justice-Fanfic I think that’s the blog, only one I know so far (:

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